Welcome to Hugs Kitchen!!!

Welcome to Hugs Kitchen!!!

Late in 1997 or early in 1998, www.hugs.org was born.  My sister, Carolyn Rodick Shaw, was the original “Hugs” on many, many foodie sites, as well as on her own Homehearth-Food mailing list.  In 1999, after a difficult bout of cancer, only just turned forty, she died from the cancer’s ravages.

I have kept www.hugs.org running over these past years, changing little  except to include some ads to pay the tab.

This blog will start as a WordPress re-work of her website, and I hope that it will lead to sharing a lot of kitchen chat, recipes, and other family tips.

Hugs Kitchen is all about the value of a cuppa (joe, tea, or hot chocoate) with family and friends at the kitchen table.

You are invited to register and comment regularly.  Thanks for coming!

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