Zucchini Potato Pancakes

Zucchini Potato Pancakes

I’m hoping these zucchini recipes tive you some variety in using up your summer harvest.

MMMMM—– Recipe via Meal-Master ™ v8.05

Title: Zucchini Potato Pancakes
Yield: 16 Pancakes

2 md Zucchini; coarsely grated
.. about 1 1/2 cups
1 lg Potato; peeled & finely
.. shredded about 1 1/4 cup
1 sm Onion; grated
2 tb Corn meal
2 tb Flour
3/4 ts Salt
1 Egg; lightly beaten
Oil for frying
Sour cream

1. Drain zucchini pressing out as much liquid as
possible. Mix with potato and onion. Stir in corn
meal, flour, salt and egg until well mixed.

2. Lightly grease griddle or skillet. Cook, using
2 tablespoons for each pancake and pressing down
to flatten 3 to 4 minutes per side, until lightly
browned. Serve with sour cream.


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