The Big Snow

The Big Snow

Here I sit in the early am at my kitchen table in Southern Vermont. Cup of coffee next to the computer. Some folks here have gone off to work, the rest are still in bed. Yesterday, we had a big, unexpected snowfall. It is snowing again this morning, and the wind is whipping around what we got hit with yesterday. It is definitely winter here in the sun belt of Vermont.

it is winter in Southern Vermont
I can hear the occasional scrape of the snow plow going by, but no traffic. The roads are still snow covered. No salt or sand laid out that I can see. Luckily, we went to Connecticut and saw my father and brother earlier in the week. If we had planned for this weekend, we would have hit the weather in the traveling. I have a little Dave Ramsey-style baby emergency fund but I wouldn’t want to spend it that way!!

Still, I have to admit that the snow is beautiful.

A good day for baking bread, I’m thinking. Back to work tomorrow, so I have to get my laundry done, and I left the kitchen a wreck yesterday. But I’m thinking that the aroma of bread baking is just what we need today.

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