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Day 1. Back on track.

28.5 minutes on the treadmill at 2.5mph at Anytime Fitness. Getting back on track can be tough. Fitbit says 7145 steps so far. Meals were good, but evening snacking again my downfall. Tomorrow, I’m getting up on time and making a good breakfast. I’m at the heaviest in my whole life. And I feel it. […]

Feels like home here

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I’m alive and well in Southern Vermont. Today is one last warm Sunday, and I have roasted chicken planned because it was on sale at the Price Chopper this past week. Two big roasters and they’ll be going into the oven soon. I wish I didn’t have to […]

Biggest Loser season 8 started

Last night, the new season started for the Biggest Loser (a TV show on NBC). I really need to get on the stick and eat healthier meals, as well as getting in some more exercise. We bought a year’s membership at the town’s Recreation Center in March. A real deal for something like $75 for […]