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It’s coming…

Today was the first day that made me feel that spring was coming. Temperatures in the mid-40s, mixed sun and clouds, a steady breeze all day. The ground turning into mud, the rivers bank full. The snow banks that were so big this year turning into smaller and smaller dirty little mounds. I keep saying to myself, “it can’t last. no matter what we get now, it can’t last” Warm days, cold nights. Sap starting to run. Vermont mud everywhere you go. The air somehow freshening. A little sinus pressure with the change of the weather systems. Some small spring bulbs pushing up through the ground here and there. Yes, spring.

Took a walk at lunchtime today. I need to start walking more. I start physical therapy on Monday for some strengthening on that left side. I have some leg weights that have adjustable weights. I just might get to use them soon.